What is an Elopement?

What is an elopement? What does eloping mean?

Eloping is the modern way celebrate your love story while having fun and saving tons of money. An elopement allows you to experience your wedding day with little stress and a lifetime of beautiful memories. Many people still do not realize you can easily elope. Eloping in todays society is far from having a spontaneous wedding at your local courthouse. It can be the most fun and adventurous filled day with the love of your life!


What is an Elopement?

In modern society eloping is not running away from home to wed without your parents consent. An elopement is an intimate experience that allows you to experience the joy of your special day without the stress. An adventurous wedding elopement experience is going to a breathtaking outdoor location at your favorite national park, national forest, and tons more to have your ceremony. Eloping is for couples who want to have full control over their special day and to tie the knot in a more casual, intimate fashion. Elopements can be planned as quickly or as far in advance as you want. How you choose to craft your elopement is completely up to you.


Where can we elope?

The best part about Elopements is that they don’t require a proper wedding venue. This can save you money and provide you with an endless amount of options to hold your ceremony at. You can get married almost anywhere you have dreamt of. For example, you can elope on a cliff, near a waterfall, on a beach, in a cactus filled desert, among the red rocks, and so much more.


Eloping is a lower cost alternative to a traditional Wedding

The average cost of a traditional wedding in 2019 was $33,900. Elopements are a smaller and cost conscious option. I have seen elopements range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can make the choice on how much it will cost to you. If you are on a budget then make your own floral arrangements, DIY decorations, and thrift your wedding dress. If budget isn’t a concern of yours the go all out on your elopement. Purchase a designer wedding dress, hair and makeup artist, fancy floral arrangements, cake, cheese platter, and whatever else you can dream up!


How Big Can an Elopement be? and who can I bring?

Eloping has less attendees than a traditional wedding. This allows for the deep intimacy of it. Elopements are usually with 15 or less guests present. You can get married with just the two of you or have your family and friends present! It can be as intimate or as family oriented as you want. After all, It’s your special day!

The day of

What does an elopement look like on the day of ?

Your elopement can be as short or as long as you desire. Your special day can truly be anything you want it to be.

Short experience: You can choose to make it a quick and simple experience. If a long day with many people surrounding you doesn’t appeal to you then you can choose to find an easy access location with a quaint hike/walk to your I do spot. You can say your short and sweet vows to each other then drive back to your house and relax while doing your favorite day to day activities together.

Full day experience: You can also have a long love filled day. Such as; having brunch with every special person included, getting ready with your closest friends and family, hiking to your dream location, reading intimate heartfelt vows, saying I do on a cliffside, hiking down past sunset, eating at a fancy restaurant (or having a casual airbnb afterparty), and whatever else you want to cram into your love filled day!

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